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Show News 2015

19.09.2015 Kouvola
tuomari: Jurate Butkiene, Liettua

Caramela Red Miss Rebel Empire "Sera" AVO ERI1 SA PN3 VARA SERT
"Stylish bitch. Excellent expression. Well coupled body. Correct head proportions. Should have wider underjaw. Nice topline. Well angulated front and rear. Could show better drive and needs to get more substance."

Divine Demon's Backstreet Boy "Pontus" JUN ERI
"Correct type. Powerful male. Correct expression. Excellent eyes. Head is still developing. A little too bad lips. Excellent ears. Strong neck. Well built front. Powerful rear. Moves well. Excellent temperament."

Divine Demon's Allegro "Masi" AVO ERI
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22.08.2015 Kouvola
tuomari: Martin Baskaran, Espanja

Divine Demon's Black Sabbath "Dexter" JUN ERI1 SA PU3 VARA SERT
"16 months old. Correct head. Good expression. Good bite. Correct neck and angulations. Correct topline. A little long in loin. Enough musculars. Moves well."

Caramela Red Miss Rebel Empire "Sera" AVO EH2
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19.07.2015 Hyvinkää, tuomari Lorena Merati Italia

Divine Demon's Blessed Beauty "Myrtti" JUN ERI3
"Lot of substance, little fat at this moment. Nice head and expression, good ears. Good bones. Good angulation behind, excellent muscules. Need to train to move better."

Divine Demon's Black Sabbath "Dexter" JUN ERI4
"Good type, big in size. Good body and bones. Good head and expression, but heavy lips. Excellent eyes and ears. Moves well."

10.07.2015 Liminka SBTY ry Erikoisnäyttely, tuomari Norman Berry, UK

Divine Demon's Black Sabbath "Dexter" JUN ERI3
"Strong looking red with good pigmentation. Well boned. Strong headed. Dark eyes. Deep skull with good ratio from end to muzzle. Level topline to the well placed shoulders. Stands four(?) square with good musculation in the rear quarters."

19.05.2015 Match Show Helsinki, tuomari Johan Juslin

Divine Demon's Blues Brother "Yoda" pienten koirien SIN4